The Add-A-Pearl Gift Guide - Baby Edition!

The Holidays are upon us! While this is easily my favorite time of year (the carols start playing promptly at 12:02 am November 1st at my house) I also know this can be a harried, stressful time to those who see the season through red and green colored glasses. Fortunately, we're here to help. I've channeled my holiday enthusiasm into a 3 part gift guide to ease the holiday stress. Each of these gifts are (1.) Fun, (2.) Useful, (3.) Attractive and (4.) Affordable! Follow these steps for quick and easy gift giving! A baby’s first Christmas is the perfect time to begin the tradition of Add-A-Pearl. While yellow gold is definitely the traditional option, white gold is a great match for the colors of the season. While an Add-A-Pearl necklace can be started with any custom number of pearls, we recommend three pearls for a Christmas gift, one for birth, one for Christmas and one for Christening to give a full feel to her starter necklace! Janod makes wonderful wooden toys for young children of all ages. This Super Rocket Magent Kit will help Baby develop her motor skills, and look cute and tasteful on your coffee table. The magnetic pieces make cleanup and storage a breeze. We love how well Janod pairs functionality with aesthetic, look for them to feature again in future lists! Every baby loves a mobile, and it’s a rare opportunity to get something that both baby and mom will love equally! This birds on the branch mobile is the perfect blend of rustic and minimal. The artist overs a variety of natural or colored options, making this a great fit with just about any nursery décor. The best thing about shopping for newborns? They’ll be just as happy playing with the wrapping paper as they will the gift itself. Newborn gifts are the perfect opportunity to sneak in a present that’s more to mom’s taste. This sheepskin throw is 100% natural, and can be thrown anywhere in the nursery, from floor to wall hanging. Draping it over the back of the rocking chair can give mom something soft and luxurious to relax in to on those long late nights. Best part? It’s machine washable!


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