A Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea


Every child wants their mother to feel loved and special, but sometimes it’s not so easy to come up with that cool Mother’s Day idea.  Whether you’re buying for the woman who seems to already have everything, or you’re a little late when it comes to thinking of a great Mother’s Day gift idea, this quick guide has you covered. 

Quick guide? Well, while there are a lot of options out there, the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day is clear.  It offers tradition, elegance, symbolism, versatility, and uniqueness. 

Though the gift that has it all sounds like a tall order, here’s the secret ingredient: Pearls.

Pearls are traditionally very elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry.  The power of protection, luck, money, wisdom and love are thought to be inside each pearl.  With a laundry list of attributes like that, there is no arguing that pearls are both symbolically and visually the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

If that wasn’t reason enough, here are some great pearls of wisdom on choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift:

 Creating an Heirloom with Pearls – A pearl from Add-A-Pearl is more than just a piece of jewelry.  It is a tradition and a promise repeated over the years.  As pearls are added, her necklace will grow in beauty and value, ultimately becoming a treasured keepsake for the next generation. From a single pendant to a full strand, her necklace will become attached to memories of her children growing over the years.  It’s a treasure she can wear every day and pass down through the generations, daughter to granddaughter.


mothers day gift ideas from Add-A-Pearl

The Timeless, Simple Elegance of Pearls – As Jackie O. said, “Pearls are always appropriate.”  Pearls are a classic fashion statement and compliment any woman’s wardrobe. Dressed up and worn alone with a little black dress or dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans for a more everyday look, pearls have that go-with-anything charm – perfect for moms who aren’t sure what they want this year.

The Symbolism of Pearls – When you’re not sure what to do for Mother’s day, Add-A-Pearl offers you the flexibility to create anything. Whether it’s a necklace with a pearl for each of her children, or a single pendant that you add to with each new Mother’s Day, you’ll find just the right gift.  The beauty of an Add-A-Pearl necklace is that, much like the memories she builds with her children over the years, it grows with time. 

Add-A-Pearl necklace for mom

Simplify Gift Giving – For the perpetually idea challenged, Add-A-Pearl is the Mother’s Day gift that can be given year after year.  In fact, it makes all special occasions simple! No matter what, you’ll know that your mother has a pearl necklace that symbolizes her family and your love, making it easy and meaningful to build on it with each birthday, Mother’s Day, and even holiday.

The Versatility of Add-A-Pearl – Not sure if your mom wants a necklace this year? Well you’re in luck because our unique Add-A-Pearl necklaces can be made into a bracelet too!  In fact, we can change your Add-A-Pearl necklace into a bracelet or your bracelet into a necklace at any time by simply changing the chain. It’s a great gift for mom that can grow and change with her style over the years.

Add-A-Pearl bracelets

The Unique Nature of Pearls – Other gems such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies require the assistance of a skilled cutter and polisher to reveal their shine and sparkle. Pearls differ in that they are found beautifully formed in nature – no tools required.  Since there aren’t designs to be planned and cuts to be made, no two pearls are identical, and no two Add-A-Pearl necklaces will ever be the same.  Each pearl will be unique, the reminder of special memories and family traditions.


With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, you can stop worrying about what to get her this year.  Flowers are pretty and chocolate is delicious, but neither lasts forever.  Make mom feel special with a thoughtful gift and the promise of a new family heirloom. The new traditions that come with your mom’s new Add-a-Pearl necklace, like the memories it represents, will stay with her forever.

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