A Heartfelt Story by Gayle

Beautiful bouquet of flowers

 A heartwarming story of love and joy was sent to us by Gayle. Here’s what she told us:

“I decided to start an Add-A-Pearl Necklace for my granddaughter last spring on my son and her mother’s wedding day and I purchased a freshwater pearl necklace for my younger granddaughter as their wedding gifts on this very special day. Imagine how touched I was as we watched our son and his new bride walk down the aisle with my beautiful granddaughters as attendants wearing their new necklaces with their sweet bridesmaids’ dresses.

Two cute young flowergirls

I will start my younger granddaughter's necklace when she gets a little older and add pearls to my older granddaughter's each wedding anniversary day.

 I hope that by the time the girls are ready to begin their adult lives, married, or single, to have their necklaces complete. There is nothing as special as a gift of love to remember a special life event. We gave all three of our granddaughters collectors dolls three weeks ago when they were here for the holidays, but the store was low on outfits when we went shopping for the dolls’ clothes so one of the dolls went home with only her PJs. So, her big package of doll clothes will arrive on the same day as the new charm I recently purchased for the Add-A-Pearl Necklace.  They are so special and have a place in our hearts and family. I hope they will enjoy their necklaces as much as I enjoy adding to them each year.”

Thank you for sharing with us Gayle! We look forward to seeing your necklaces progress through the years as your granddaughters grow.

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