A Father and Son Tradition

What could be more special than a father and son tradition of Add-A-Pearl? We were touched to learn that Greg began giving pearls to his wife back in 1978 and his son Garrett has continued the tradition by giving his wife Add-A-Pearls too!

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Here’s what Greg wrote:

"My wife and I married while still in college.  The original necklace had only 5 pearls. That was July 1978.   Through finishing college, Time spent living in Omaha, Riyadh Saudi Arabia and now back in Council Bluffs IA I have always tried to add a pearl or two to her necklace for every anniversary.  While it is never really a surprise it’s almost a record of our life together.  Small pearls during our leaner years and larger pearls when things were going well.  My wife is now looking at eventually giving it to our granddaughter at some appropriate time in her life. As a side note my son gave his wife an Add-A- Pearl for their wedding and has been adding to it through you folks for a few years now."

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Here’s what Garrett wrote:

"When I was yet a young child growing up, I recall my mother wearing her pearl necklace.  It came out on special occasions and still has a reserved place in her jewelry box when she isn't wearing it.  I also remember how special it was to go with my father to have pearls added for special occasions.  The trip seemed particularly important because even in the glittering jewelry store, the necklace was unique that it had to be sent away to add pearls and be re-strung. 

With these fond memories in mind, an add-a-pearl necklace was amongst the first gift ideas I had for my own wife when it came time for our first anniversary.  Since then it has been a yearly tradition to discreetly sneak the necklace out of my wife's jewelry stand a few weeks ahead of our anniversary and have a pearl added to give to her on the special day.  In the first few years the cluster of pearls seemed small, but much like our marriage, it has grown with love and care.  This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary and we continue to cherish this way of counting the years we've been together.

It's seldom that a company or even a piece of jewelry can hold a special place in one's heart, but the memories that have been created are truly precious ones.  An Add-a-Pearl is more than just a piece of jewelry, it's a record of the special times in one's life, and one I hope to continue to share with those that I love."

Thank you Greg and Garrett for sharing your lovely stories with us. Happy 38th and Happy 10th anniversaries to you. We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen Add-A-Pearl to represent such a meaningful part of your lives.

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