Father Daughter Valentine's

Valentine’s day can be intimidating! There’s so much pressure to “Get it Right” that it’s no wonder a lot of people would rather pretend it doesn’t exist.

However, with a little planning and effort, Valentine’s can be a perfect day for a great winter Daddy-Daughter day. What better time than the dreary middle of winter to brighten up your daughter’s day!

I’ve done you one better though, and here is my fool proof plan for a Valentine’s day game plan that will keep you both smiling from ear to ear*

Do ahead:

There’s only 2 things you need to do the week before, and you can accomplish both on your lunch hour without leaving the office: Jewelry and flowers.

Now is the perfect time to begin, or add to her Add-A-Pearl necklace. To begin, we recommend the 6mm pearl on a 16in white gold chain (14in is a great size for girls under 8!). The best part about giving an Add-A-Pearl necklace? It simplifies all future Valentine’s Days as well, since you’ll be able to purchase pearl additions for years to come. www.addapearl.com 

Next up, flowers! There are many options for ordering flowers online, and you really can’t go wrong. I’m personally steering you toward www.thebouqs.com. Bouqs not only provides eco-friendly bouquets for a great price, they offer a subscription service as well! You can continue to surprise your little girl with flowers every month, scoring major dad points throughout the year. flowers

photo cred: www.thebouqs.com

On your way home, stop by your closest craft supply shop and pick up several sheets of pretty paper. Construction paper works great, but thanks to the scrapbooking craze there’s lots of great printed paper everywhere, so take advantage! Brave the glitter aisle for serious Dad Bonus Points.


Now rest easy, and don’t give Valentine’s another thought until February 14.

Valentine’s Day Of Game Plan:

First Quarter - Breakfast:


For breakfast we are making some heart shaped red velvet pancakes. The recipe could not be easier, and you most likely already have what you need in your pantry. You can find the recipe here. http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/red-velvet-pancakes-with-cream-cheese-topping/7e08e0aa-1a71-40f7-83fe-420aa03067b5

Second Quarter: After breakfast, it’s time to get crafty! Follow our simple tutorial here (second post) for 3-D pop up heart cards. You and your daughter can have your own exchange, as well as cards for Mom, Grandma, and any other friends and family in the area *link to tutorial post


Halftime: Ice cream for lunch. Ideally, you have a cute old timey ice cream parlor in your town. However, any dessert related establishment, or homemade Sundae bar, will be exactly what you need to fill your little girl’s heart with joy. 

icecreamphoto cred http://jenis.com

Third Quarter: What winter-time activity is on your to-do list? Ice skating? Sledding? Theatre? Movie? Holidays are a great excuse to finally schedule one of those activities you’ve been meaning to get around to. There’s no wrong choice, the important thing is to have fun as a family! Or, maybe having fun while giving Mom a chance to relax with the house to herself 

skatephoto cred: http://www.rantlifestyle.com/2014/04/11/lickity-split-10-great-places-grab-ice-cream-chicago/

Fourth quarter: Dinner! Valentine’s falls during Lunar (or Chinese) New Year this year. Maybe the year of the Monkey will be your lucky year, and there will be a New Year parade in your city today like there is here for us in Chicago! Either way, this is a great excuse to cut all that Valentine’s sweet with a little savory and grab dinner at your favorite Chinese restaurant.


photo cred http://www.choosechicago.com/chinesenewyear/

platterphoto cred www.doctorscrossing.com

Pro tip? Order a Pupu Platter for Two and split with your daughter. What could be better than appetizers for dinner? If you’re lucky you’ll even be able to trade you crab rangoons for her ribs

These are my suggestions for a fun Father-Daughter Valentine’s day! Follow them exactly, or mix and match to create the most fun day for your daughter. Once you really start to brainstorm, you’ll quickly come up with more activities than can possibly fit into one day. That just means you’ll have a leg up on next year, and the beginnings of a wonderful family tradition.


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