Lucky High School Grad

Completed Add-A-Pearl necklace, c/o Dawn Flowers Gratzke

My mother told me about the add-a-pearl necklace and when my niece was born. I bought the gold chain with the single pearl. I added pearls every year for her birthday in January. Usually i added anywhere from 3-6pearls trying to gauge what might be needed to finish the necklace at 16". She attended Catholic school so she wore the necklace for all school pictures, communion, confirmation, formal events and finally she wore it with her cap and gown at graduation. No other family members added to it, i was the only one. She loves it so much that she wanted to take it to college at Ole Miss but her mother (my sister) insists it stays behind in the safe just in case. I really loved adding to it all these years and i can't believe it's finally finished. She has a gift that is very sentimental to her and not many people have a nice set of pearls. Attached is a picture of the finished necklace.

Dawn Flowers Gratzke


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