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Alivia's Gotcha Day

a beautiful couple holding their young flower girl

“We had tried for years to have a baby with no luck. Fertility treatments, multiple doctors, miscarriages, etc...nothing worked! We were giving my body a break and a friend of mine knew a girl who wanted to give her baby up for adoption. 

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Chris' Add-A-Pearl Story

two sisters will have a special bond with each other and their dad

I wanted to have something I could give to my daughter Madeleine on her birthday that would show her (obviously not then but when she got older) how much I valued our relationship and appreciated it. I wanted something that would be recurring throughout our life that would be "our thing".


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Why Add A Pearl is a Meaningful Gift

father and baby daughter are all smiles with a backdrop of sunflowers
The reasons for starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace are endless and inspiring. Most often, the occasions are joyful while some are not. Regardless of the life event, the meaning of starting a necklace is always filled with love and hope. Here's what others told us about why they decided to start the tradition for someone near and dear to their hearts.

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Danielle Hamby Dreamed and Prayed for her Southern Little Girl

Baby Landyn celebrates small moments of joy

This beautiful story of dreams, faith and courage was sent to us by Danielle Hamby of Phil Campbell, Al.She shared her story full of strength and struggle with us here:

"All my life I dreamed and prayed for a perfectly southern little girl. She would be strong, kind and a good friend. I knew I would dress her in beautiful smocks, bows, knee-high socks and pearls. I’ve always loved how classic and timeless pearls are and cherish the pearls my great-grandmother gave me. Of course, God gave me two boys first, Wilson and Lawson.

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Pearl Necklace Stories from Our Finalists

melanie beasley with her daughter and twin granddaughters

Melanie Beasley expressed fondness for the tradition of Add-A-Pearl. She plans to add pearls for her twin granddaughters, Amelia Elizabeth and Butler Anne, for many years to come. She shared her thoughts with us below:

When I was 13 Add-A-Pearl necklaces were the rage. I was lucky enough to get one with five little pearls. This past June my twin granddaughters turned one year. I called the company because I still had (in the original box) my beautiful necklace. I wanted an exact replica of mine from 57 years prior. Your company made an exact necklace. My namesake was given the original and her sister a brand new one that looks just like it. I intend to add pearls for them for all special occasions so that they may hear a beautiful necklace to remember their grandmother.


written by Melanie Beasley, Charlotte, NC

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