CiCi and Kendley

Kimberly (aka "CiCi") sent us this beautiful Add-A-Pearl story and, with her permission, we're honored to share it with you here! 

"Two years ago on July 1st, our beautiful granddaughter Kendley was born. Being the traditionalist I am, I wanted to do something special for her on each birthday - something that would one day be complete and cherished by her from her grandmother CiCi. So I began the search and found Add-A-Pearl. It was the perfect gift. Being a younger grandmother, I knew I could add a pearl or two each year resulting in a beautiful strand by the time she turned 18!

"From the first phone call with the Add-A-Pearl team, everything went as I had hoped and the pearls have arrived as promised for the past two years. Unfortunately I was recently diagnosed with a very rare cancer - a tumor in my liver. Apart from all the feelings that go along with having terminal cancer, my quest to complete the necklace was still very important to me. Not sure what else to do, I called Patti at Add-A-Pearl and shared my deep desire to keep this tradition going for my granddaughter even if I was no longer able to. 

"So, with the help of my loving family, my wish will be carried out, and hopefully my granddaughter will cherish the strand of pearls that me - her CiCi - dreamed of her having."

CiCi and Kendley

Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing this incredily moving story with us. We are so honored that Add-A-Pearl has such a special place in your family! And Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter from all of us at Add-A-Pearl.

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