Chris' Add-A-Pearl Story

two sisters will have a special bond with each other and their dad

Even before I met my beautiful wife I saw myself having girls. I always wanted to be a dad and for some reason, I had a feeling that I would have girls. My wife and I met and had an absolute fairy tale wedding. My wife is a great event planner and our wedding was magical. After 3 years of what I would describe as a honeymoon period of travel and life, we found out we were pregnant. Needless to say when the doctor told us at 20 weeks in that it was a girl, I was not surprised. As I said, I always saw myself with girls. As my wife and I prepared our home and life for a child, I read every book I could find on being a father. I spoke at length to my father and father-in-law about what it means to be a father. I was almost overcome with the importance of my job. I would be the example of a man to this girl and someone she would compare every other man in her life to. I would set the expectation for the relationship between a man and a women. My wife is 33 years old and we will have been married for 9 years this October, but when she has a problem she still calls her dad. I wanted to be that for my daughter.

 I wanted to have something I could give to my daughter Madeleine on her birthday that would show her (obviously not then but when she got older) how much I valued our relationship and appreciated it. I wanted something that would be recurring throughout our life that would be "our thing". Something she could count on from her Daddy and something that signified that specialness of our relationship. When I found your website and read the story of the Add-a-Pearl necklace I knew instantly that was what I wanted to do. As I mentioned before, my wife and I had a spectacular wedding and we are already planning (saving) for our daughters weddings because we want them to be just as special. When I read the story about building this necklace throughout her life and giving her the completed necklace on her wedding day it was a done deal. I think I actually purchased the starter necklace that day!

 My first daughter is now 5 and that little purple box with a pearl inside usually gets lost amongst the dolls and toys at birthdays and Christmas. But I know that someday they will mean more to her than anything. When I put that necklace around her neck on her wedding day (when she is marrying the man of her dreams that hopefully lives up to the man I am teaching her to expect) we will be able to relive all of the great moments from her life.

 Needless to say when my second daughter came along, I wanted to same thing for her. I was worried that it wouldn't seem "special" because both girls have one. I searched for something else to do with Vivienne but nothing measured up in my mind to the significance of the Add-A-Pearl necklace. 

Thank you, Chris, for sharing this moving story with us! We are always so honored when Add-A-Pearl is chosen to commemorate all those special moments in a young girl's life. If you're ready to start a your own Add-A-Pearl legacy with someone you love, contact us today!

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