Celebrating Baby's First Year with Add-A-Pearl

So much happens in your baby’s first year and amid the cuddles, feedings, and diaper changes mothers want to remember every precious moment and each milestone. 

Welcome your little bundle with an Add-A-Pearl starter necklace.

For mothers of girls, the delights of dressing your wee bundle in pretty clothes and starting that mother-daughter bond with a strong foundation is the reward for sleepless nights and teething. In addition to the monthly baby portrait of your daughter, consider starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace that will grow with her through every stage of life. 

Since 1915 lucky little girls across the United States and internationally have received a special box from a loved one. Inside it is a necklace with one, perhaps a few, exceptional cultured or natural pearls skillfully strung on a delicate chain. Tucked inside is a padded envelope to be used for each occasion in the months and years ahead when she will send her necklace to have a new pearl added to her special Add-A-Pearl necklace

Welcome your infant daughter to your family with her very own starter necklace, designed just the way you want for your baby girl. Not only are you able to select either Akoya cultured or natural pearls, you may choose a 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, or silver chain measuring either 14 or 16 inches in length. 

Add to your Add-A-Pearl gift with a personalized charm!

Every little girl is unique and Add-A-Pearl lets you personalize your daughter’s necklace with accessories. We have a selection of clasps: a filigree hook clasp, a fish hook clasp with or without diamond, or an engravable gold clasp. There are also a selection of gold and silver charms, some engravable, in heart, oval, and cross shapes.  

What is really heartwarming with Add-A-Pearl is that every little girl - or grown woman - loves to tell the story behind her very own pearl necklace. We delight in hearing the ways that our quality pearl necklaces and the unique Add-A-Pearl tradition has touched the lives of so many women. 

If you have an Add-A-Pearl heirloom necklace in your family, or when you start a necklace during your baby’s first year, we invite you to come and share your story with Add-A-Pearl on Pinterest. We love to read the stories that have already been shared with us on this popular social media platform.

Visit our website to start the timeless Add-A-Pearl tradition for your baby daughter. You are welcome to contact the Add-A-Pearl staff at (855) 392-6640 if you have any questions.


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