Celebrate Her Confirmation With A Beautiful Add-A-Pearl Pearl Necklace

Add-A-Pearl, the perfect gift for a little girl on her Confirmation.Spring is here: That time when many parents, godparents, and confirmation sponsors are searching for the perfect gift for young girls and teens who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

This important step for Christians, in various denominations the world over, is a momentous occasion for a young person's profession of faith. At the Easter Vigil service many adults converting to Christianity are confirmed as well.

Through the laying on of hands and anointing with the specially consecrated aromatic oil called chrism, the confirmed is consecrated to the Holy Spirit and confirms the promises to live her Christian faith that were made at her Baptism.

Just as the Apostles of Jesus received graces from the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, candidates for confirmation receive an outpouring of grace from the Holy Spirit, usually symbolized by a white dove.

What is the best Confirmation gift to celebrate this momentous occasion for a young girl, teen, or woman receiving the Sacrament?

It's time to think beyond the dove picture frame, embossed photo album, or earrings as Confirmation gifts for daughters, goddaughters, and other women.

An Add-A-Pearl Heart Necklace, perfect for her Confirmation.Instead, consider starting a keepsake necklace that will be an heirloom for her to pass on to loved ones someday: A delicate and naturally beautiful Add-A-Pearl necklace.

As she embarks on life as a Christian woman, pearls are a Biblically symbolic gift. Matthew 13:45-46, known as the Parable of the Pearl, tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking good pearls, who when he finds one pearl of great price sells all he has to buy it.

Remind her of her promise to defend Christ as she lives her life to reach that heavenly kingdom with the gift of her very own Add-A-Pearl necklace. This classically elegant necklace poetically speaks of the beauty of the enduring promise of heaven. Show her that each pearl is itself a miracle wrought from a tiny grain of sand under just the right conditions, delicate yet strong.

Just as Christians may endure suffering and trials, the oyster suffered with that grain of sand yet transformed something plain and ordinary into a thing of beauty. Point out, as Biblical scholars do when discussing the Parable of the Pearl, that unlike gemstones that must be cut and polished, pearls are beautiful just as they are.

Personalize Her Add-A-Pearl Necklace.Wish her a journey that results in such heavenly beauty and grace as you share with her the long-standing tradition of an Add-A-Pearl necklace on her Confirmation Day. There are even special cross necklace and bracelet charms or an oval, heart, or rectangle ready to get engraved with her initials or a short message to add to the necklace.

Since 1915 Add-A-Pearl necklaces, manufactured by the Juergens & Andersen Company of Chicago, Illinois, have been the gift of choice for young women. This unique gift-giving legacy allows loved ones to add cultured or natural pearls for each special occasion through the years, giving her a timeless piece of fine jewelry to enjoy with fond memories for a lifetime.

We invite you to read how to start a new pearl necklace and contact the Add-A-Pearl team today with your questions or to order the perfect keepsake gift for Confirmation Day.


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