Carol Ellis and A Family Tradition

Carol Ellis and her granddaughter Gemma

Carol Ellis and her granddaugther Gemma

"My daughter Amber is really amazing when it comes to finding the perfect gift! And she certainly did!

When my daughter was pregnant, she found out about Add-A-Pearl and asked us to do that so we would add pearls on every special occasion. We started Add-A-Pearls for my granddaughter Gemma and one for her cousin Katie 2 years ago at Christmas. We wanted to do traditional gifts for them. They will both be 3 right after Christmas.

We love and enjoy knowing that they will end up with beautiful gifts from family members so on their graduations or weddings they’ll have beautiful strands of pearls!"

Thank you, Carol for sharing your thoughts with us! We always enjoying hearing about meaningful ways Add-A-Pearl has impacted your family. 

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