Let’s face it ladies, as we get older, the prospect of another shower — or sprinkle (Yes, it’s a thing!) — gets less and less exciting. And each and every one of them has the same, old games to entertain guests and make the shower a bit more enjoyable. 

After a few showers,  though, all the activities blend together, and you could do them with your eyes closed; sometimes that’s even the point of the game!

But shower games aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They just need some upgrading.

The key to a good baby shower is creating games that are unique and fun for everyone. That being the case, these games will keep everyone at the party laughing and are sure to make the shower fly by.

1: Baby Face

This game will not only be fun for creative minds, but it will be sure to make both Mom and Dad laugh, we hope. 

All you need is multiple printed out headshots of the parents. Then, cut the faces horizontally into a few pieces.

Participants can now take some pieces from Mommy and some from Daddy and create what they think the baby will look like.

Will the baby be an attractive mix of both? Will he or she look more like Mommy? Or will it be the worst-looking hybrid in the history of the world?

It’s all up to the showergoers.

Prize idea: A picture frame for the Rembrandt or Picasso.

2: My Water Broke

This prize for this game will come to those who wait.

To play this game, preparation is needed in advance of the shower. Buy enough small (think tiny) plastic babies for each guest. One per guest.

Place small plastic babies into ice trays with water and freeze over night. 

On the day of the shower, store the ice cubes in a cooler and have each guest grab an ice cube. 

Whoever has the first ice cube that melts, shouts “my water broke” and wins a prize. 

 Prize idea: A water bottle or mug.

 3: Feed the Baby

Are you brave enough to eat baby food?

This game is simple and hilarious (my favorite combination); though, it may not be so funny if you are the one gorging on baby food. But hey, it’s all in good fun.

This game is played with teams of two. One person gets blind folded and attempts to feed the other person.

The pleasure of this game is two-fold: watching someone attempt to find the other person’s mouth, and hopefully missing, and then watching the brave eater attempt to swallow baby food.

Prize idea: Gift card to a local grocery store.

4: Guess the Guest

This is a difficult but unique game. 

When guests RSVP to the shower, ask them to also send you a picture of themselves as a baby. 

As guests arrive to the shower, they try to match one baby picture, with one guest. 

Most matches, wins.

Prize idea: Gift card to a photo website like Shutterfly.

5: Stringing Them Along

OK, we’re cheating. This isn’t really a game, but it could be, and it is adorable.

Ask all your guest to bring an Add-A-Pearl to the shower. Tell the mom-to-be that she can keep adding pearls for special occasions and milestones until one day her daughter will have a whole strand of pearls that was started for her before she was even born. It’ll become a keepsake she’ll cherish forever.

Prize idea: A piece of pearl jewelry, obviously.



By Alyssa Groh, 22CM Boost