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Valentine's Card Tutorial

Easy Valentine Card Tutorial

This card is a great craft to do with kids when everyone’s cooped up during the cold winter months. All you really need are two colors of construction paper and a glue stick, but there’s plenty of room to get creative with stickers, rubber stamps, glitter, etc.

Inspired by Oh Joy, the original article includes a great suggestion for a way to create cards for charity.

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The role of flower girl changes with the times

Weddings often begin as an intimate expression of love between two people, but very quickly they become a family affair!

sweet flower girl

Often everyone in the immediate family will have a role to play in the walk down the aisle. The flower girl and the ring bearer can be a wild card in the ceremony in more ways than one! The roles of the littlest attendants are evolving in big ways to keep up with contemporary trends.

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Jacquie's Add-A-Pearl Story

"When I found out my brother and sister in law were expecting, I was so happy I cried! For 24 years, I had been the baby of the family with 10 and 12 years separating me from my two brothers.Although they grew up caring for me, I on the other hand had no experience with babies and had only held one once before in my entire life!

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Pearls in the news!

One lucky bidder was able to combine their love for South Sea Pearls and charitable donation when Tenenbaum Classic Jewelers donated a multi-strand pearl necklace and pearl and diamond studs to UNICEF'S Audrey Hepburn Society Ball. The event took place in Houston last week, and honored Barbara Bush for her continued work with the organization.

CultureMap Houston says: "Mrs. Bush [was] presented with the Margaret Alkek Williams Humanitarian Award for her longstanding commitment to furthering education and literacy, and for the tremendous impact she has made on the lives of countless children and their parents."

The former First Lady selected the earrings for auction herself, and was photographed in both. And autographed copy of the photo was presented to the winner along with the beautiful jewels. Barbara Bush wearing South Sea Pearls 

Congratulations to Mrs. Bush for her recognition for all her charitable work. We hope the award didn't make her inneligable to particpate in the auction!

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Father Daughter Valentine's

Valentine’s day can be intimidating! There’s so much pressure to “Get it Right” that it’s no wonder a lot of people would rather pretend it doesn’t exist.

However, with a little planning and effort, Valentine’s can be a perfect day for a great winter Daddy-Daughter day. What better time than the dreary middle of winter to brighten up your daughter’s day!

I’ve done you one better though, and here is my fool proof plan for a Valentine’s day game plan that will keep you both smiling from ear to ear*

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Beautiful Baby Arianna

Meet beautiful baby girl Arianna Nicole! She was born on May 1st in St. Louis, MO to proud mommies Tara and Nikki. Her godfathers, Tim and Brian, celebrated her birth with this AddAPearlnecklace with three pearls, and plan to add pearls to celebrate each of her special milestones -- baptism, birthdays, Christmas. That way, she'll have a full strand by the time she's 18. What a wonderful way to honor Arianna's arrival. She's a lucky little girl! Thanks so much for sharing, Tim.

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CiCi and Kendley

Two years ago on July 1st, our beautiful granddaughter Kendley was born. Being the traditionalist I am, I wanted to do something special for her on each birthday - something that would one day be complete and cherished by her from her grandmother CiCi. 

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Sweet Sofia

Meet sweet Sofia! Could she be any cuter? Sofia's mom Felicia shares these lovely pictures of Sofia celebrating her first birthday and baptism. 

We think her Add-A-Pearl necklace looks just perfect with her lovely dress. (Mom says that they managed to keep her special dress clean, even though Sofia wanted to help Grandma in the garden before the party!) 

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Molly's Add-A-Pearl Story

Another beautiful Add-A-Pearl story to share! This one, from Mary. Thank you so much for sharing, Mary. We simply love to receive these messages!

"My sister-in-law Aunt Mary Frances is my daughter Molly's godmother. For each birthday and Christmas since birth, Aunt Mary Frances gave Molly a pearl. Molly was always thrilled to receive these! The collection grew, and when Molly turned 15, I decided it was finally time to put her pearls on a necklace so that she could wear them. 

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The Add-A-Pearl Gift Guide - Baby Edition!

The Holidays are upon us! While this is easily my favorite time of year (the carols start playing promptly at 12:02 am November 1st at my house) I also know this can be a harried, stressful time to those who see the season through red and green colored glasses. Fortunately, we're here to help. I've channeled my holiday enthusiasm into a 3 part gift guide to ease the holiday stress. Each of these gifts are (1.) Fun, (2.) Useful, (3.) Attractive and (4.) Affordable! Follow these steps for quick and easy gift giving!

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