Ashley Williams and her Add-A-Pearls

I started necklaces for my 2 girls for their 1st birthdays.

Lola holding her pearl

Lola and her Grammy and Poppy with her pearl on her 5th birthday. (Photo c/o Ashely Williams)

I have two girls, a 5 and 2 year old and we have been giving them pearls for special occasions like the first day of kindergarten! I purchased a pearl for Lola (5 year old) for becoming a Big Sister.  

Vivie on her first birthday

Vivie on her 1st birthday. (Photo c/o Ashley Williams)

I take a picture of us giving them their pearls and keep the card in an album that will be displayed on their wedding day…

Lola's collage of occasions she received pearls

Lola's photo collage. (Image c/o Ashley Williams)       

I love documenting these special times with a pearl and photo album.

Vivie's collage of when she received pearls

Vivie's photo collage. (Image c/o Ashley Williams)

My 5 year old has 11 pearls and 2 year old has 7.

Our third daughter will be born in November and I am excited to start the tradition with her as well!

Written by: Ashley Williams



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