Add-A-Pearl Family Heirlooms and Traditions

Heirlooms have the incredible ability to evoke powerful memories, a magic that instantly connects families across generations. They are the objects that represent the memories we cherish and never want to forget. At Add-A-Pearl, our pearls are more than just a pretty necklace.  Mothers will show us the Add-A-Pearl necklaces they’ve built and worn throughout their lives as we help them pick out the new pearls they plan to pass on to their own daughters.

Add A Pearl Traditions Start Young

The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of our family that we pass down to our children.  Whether it's a pearl necklace, the family China, or your grandmother’s quilt, the real value lies in the memories it evokes.  That’s why we believe in giving you a keepsake that represents the greatest times in your life and a piece that can be passed down over the years to provide meaning and tradition to the whole family.

While we have our own special treasured pieces, we always love hearing what other heirlooms others keep fondly – even if they’re not just Add-A-Pearl necklaces!  Since each memory is unique, each story is a special family tradition. While your family may have their own story, here are some of the special memories other Add-A-Pearl lovers have shared with us over the years.

Great Grandma’s Quilt

Quilt Heirloom

“The quilt was made by my great grandma about 65 years ago in Recter, Arkansas.  Then, she gave it to her daughter, which is my grandma and my mom’s mom.  Then, when grandma died, she gave it to my mom and my mom is 83.  Now my mom gave it to me and I am using it.  [It] looks a little worn, but makes me think of lots of good memories!  My husband loves it! [It’s] so precious to me!”

Debbie – Vandalia, MO

Father’s Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring Heirloom

“Dad’s wedding band was bought in the ‘70s.  After losing him several years ago, when I got married a year and a half ago, I decided it would make our wedding, and our vows, mean so much more if my husband wore the ring that had been passed down.”

Angie – Hazard, KY

Father’s Reading Glasses & Mother’s Pearl Ring

Mom's Wedding Ring Heirloom

“My dad died in 2008 of heart failure.  He always ordered glasses from a mail order catalog.  He did the same thing for us when we were kids. He died at age 93.  My mom just died February 21, 2016.  I wear her pearl ring as a reminder of her.”

Mary – Hollister, MO 

That special object is different for everyone, but what they all have in common is the love and happiness connected to each one.  Favorite memories, bittersweet emotions, and a sense of connection flow through a blanket, a pair of old reading glasses, and a strand of pearls, creating precious heirlooms that give loved ones a sense of connection to the past.  They help keep us grounded in a world that keeps changing so quickly. 

Whether it’s a reminder of a special person or a symbol of a powerful memory, it is comforting to know that the past, present, and future can find a connection through that heirloom.  A connection to the past is a wonderful gift and one we at Add-A-Pearl all hope to help you cherish and pass on to future generations.


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