Building an Add-A-Pearl Tradition with your Granddaughter

Oh, the joy of holding a granddaughter in your arms! It’s an incredible feeling to cradle a new generation - with more mothering experience (and sleep!) to help nurture and delight in this little bundle of love. We at Add-A-Pearl delight in hearing the stories from grandmothers, aunties, and godmothers about these precious sugar and spice moments. 

Start an Add-A-Pearl necklace for your granddaughter today.

The relationship between grandchild and grandparent is a bond that runs deep and leaves an everlasting imprint on both generations. The first time you hold the child of your child is an unforgettable moment. How many hopes, dreams, and promises run through your mind in that instant? Too many to list for most of us. 

As you search for ways to show your granddaughter how much you cherish her, consider a present that will grow with her from her baptism or church dedication, first steps, and each birthday. Starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace is a tradition that represents all the milestones she will experience, like First Communion, Confirmation, prom, graduation, going to college, and starting her first job. Since 1915 Add-A-Pearl necklaces have been given as a gift of love to girls. 

Start an Add-A-Pearl tradition with your granddaughter.

When a grandmother starts a necklace for her grandchild, each pearl that is added is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry because commemorating special occasions in a tangible way creates memories. And what makes heirlooms priceless? The sentiment and memories associated with them.

Each time you add pearls to your granddaughter’s Add-A-Pearl necklace, you are stringing together a narrative of your time together that she will treasure each time she holds or wears her pearl necklace. These exceptional quality pearls, either cultured or natural as you choose, will give her a classic strand of pearls to wear for all of life’s events. 

From unsteady toddler to teen to bride and beyond, your granddaughter’s Add-A-Pearl necklace is a legacy of love she will be able to pass on to her children or grandchildren. This is a gift that she will never grow out of - quite the contrary! She will grow to appreciate more fully the thoughtfulness behind every pearl added to her gold or silver chain and the lasting symbol of your love for her every step through life. 

Grandchildren remember the way grandmothers make them feel, how they treasure all the moments big and small, and ways they spent their time together. Contact the friendly sales staff at Add-A-Pearl at (855) 392-6640 for more information or visit our website to start the timeless Add-A-Pearl tradition for your granddaughter today


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