A Forever Gift of Pearls

Jordan is wearing her Add-A-Pearl necklace the day she and her grammy went downtown to have lunch at the Walnut Room.

Connecting to Past Generation with Pearls

The beauty of Add-A-Pearl is the connection to past generations. Here's what Felicia Dechter said about her family tradition and memories of her necklace.

"The Add-A-Pearl tradition in my family started about 50 years ago, thanks to my mom, Janet.  I can't recall what exactly made her start but it must have been for my ninth or 10th birthday that she brought me home my pearls. We didn't have much and I remember thinking that they were the most beautiful thing I'd ever owned. Funny, but a half century later, I still feel that way. 

My pearls survived through good times and bad. Some years, many years in fact, nothing was added and the number of pearls I had on my strand stayed in the teens. Then I think it was when I was in my 20s more were added and then a few more after that. Today, I'm 61, and I think there are 30-something pearls on my necklace. Someday I hope to bring them up to date! 

My mom then started Add-A-Pearl necklaces for my daughters and my niece, who also need updates. But even though their pearls all need to be added to, the women in my family really cherish our pearls. For me, and them, the pearls are a reminder of a woman who didn't have a lot, but what she did have she gave. It was so important for my mom to do that for her granddaughters, to start and also leave behind a small legacy and family tradition. 

I have tried to carry that on. 

I started my own granddaughter Jordan's add-a-pearls when she was one-year-old. I started with five pearls, and since she just turned six, I knew it was time to add more. I brought them up to nine pearls, a few extra so she'd be set for a while. I also started add-a-pearls for Jordan's little sister, Shannon, as well as for my other, youngest granddaughter, Sydney. They all love their necklaces and also love the fact that the pearls came from their Grammy. 

I only hope that my daughters and granddaughters will continue this family tradition and carry it on long after I'm gone. To me, it's a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

Add-A-Pearls are way to give a forever gift, something that will last a lifetime and then some.  Every time I wear my pearls, I think of my mom. I'm so very grateful to have my pearls and that my daughters and granddaughters also have them. I know my mother would be absolutely thrilled."

written by Felicia Dechter Chicago, Illinois


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