Will The Next Generation Love Her Add-A-Pearl Necklace?

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If you’re considering starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace, you might be baffled by lifestyles, behaviors, and values of younger generations. Plenty of research is available on the characteristics of millennials (defined as "twenty-somethings")) and post-millenials (dubbed Generation Z), so by now, we’re aware of their likes and dislikes. Often described as self-expressive, upbeat, passionate, tech-savvy and civic-oriented, they often have a strong sense of community and a focus on societal needs. They are thought to be the most educated generation in western history, as well as the most public since they’ve grown up with social media and keep their friends and networks up to date with their adventures, styles, and even meals, on a daily basis.

So how does a classic gift, such as Add-A-Pearl, fit into the tastes and trends of the next wave of young girls? What, in essence, ensures that Add-A-Pearl necklaces are still just a relevant and timeless? Based on common millennial and post-millenial trends, the following characteristics make a great gift for the next generation of girls.


Gifts should be unique.

Big pearls, small pearls, subdued natural pearls or traditional cultured pearls, graduated or uniform style, completed necklaces or halfway finished, you can design an Add-A-Pearl necklace to perfectly satisfy the need for self-expression and individuality. Just like no 2 pearls will ever be identical, no 2 necklaces will be exactly the same – and that’s something that perfectly resonates with this younger demographic.


Research into the tastes and habits of millennials show that they are a generation who care a lot more about experiences than things – but style is still important. That’s why Add-A-Pearl is the perfect blend of those two: it’s a gifting experience each time a new pearl is added, and further enhances one of their favorite accessories.

Each pearl creates a memory that will go with them forever.  You can further enhance the experience of your gift by creating a photo book or short video talking about the occasion or meaning behind the pearl. Whether they’re your daughter, granddaughter, bride or wife, you can create a message reinforcing your love and the promise of a lasting relationship.

Make it Last:

While they may be a bit too attached to their phones right now, apps will come and go, and the need for offline connection will only increase with age. Over the years, Add-A-Pearl creates a powerful symbol of their connection to their family, their traditions, and their history. Cherished for more than a century, Add-A-Pearl celebrates memories and milestones with quiet beauty and classic elegance that’ll last a lifetime.

And not only will Add-A-Pearl necklaces last a life time, they’ll also bring meaning to lifecycle events for years to come. For example, many of our customers over the years wear their Add-A-Pearl necklaces on their wedding day, and that trend hasn’t changed with time. It doesn’t matter how large or small or whether you only add a few pearls, your gift will be a reminder of love for years to come and valuable enough to be passed on to future generations. 

Make it Personal:

First tooth, first haircut, first word, first step…there are so many reasons and ways to create a personalized Add-A-Pearl necklace. Add an engraved charm to her Add-A-Pearl necklace so she’ll remember that special occasion forever.

(engraved charms in 14k)


The days of super sizing are waning. Subtle and understated is in. Young women are refusing to define themselves by their possessions or carat weight. The simplicity of Add-A-Pearl and their go-with-anything charm, whether it has one pearl on a little gold chain or several pearls, is the perfect gift of fine jewelry without being pretentious. Dressed up with a little black dress or made casual with faded jeans and a t-shirt, her Add-A-Pearl necklace is always simple, classic, and elegant.


Pearls are the only gems that are organic. Pearls originate from life.  Pearls, unlike other cut gems, aren’t dug from the earth. Pearls are born in water. This contrasts with other gems that are dug from the earth and gives pearls an aura of gentleness. While most gems are minerals produced by inanimate geology, pearls are organic.

Make it Count:

We have a generation that likes to measure and document everything they do. From Fitbits for counting steps to sleep apps to measure sleep cycles, progress tracking is in high demand. Giving the gift of Add-A-Pearl satisfies the need to store memories in order to keep them around. Start with one pearl and record your pearl additions and special events through the years.


Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one's karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer – all traits important to the civic-minded, socially-focused millennial.

Millennials may be different from previous generations, but at the end of the day, they want all the same things as other generations – a tie to family, a way to record memories, and something to symbolize their maturity. That’s why, no matter how long she may be on her phone or social media, you can rest assured that she’ll still love her Add-A-Pearl necklace!


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