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Can you guess one of the biggest myths we hear again and again here at Add-A-Pearl?  Here’s a hint, it’s about who should give and get an Add-A-Pearl necklace and when it should happen.  But, honestly, we promise there’s no right answer. 

Sure, we’ll often say how sweet it is to hear about a bride who wore a necklace that was started for her when she was born.  However, we’ve heard a ton of great stories over the years that make us believers that starting Add-A-Pearl necklaces are perfect for many different situations and ages – not just those cute baby girls.  Always remember, Add-A-Pearl necklaces are about memories and traditions, so there are many lovely situations that can fit that bill.  Here are some of our favorite out-of-the-box memories begging to be remembered with pearls:

Oldie, but a goodie.  Like we said above, starting a necklace and then adding pearls at birthdays is a time tested - and common Add-A-Pearl fan - opportunity for the gift of pearls.  Though it isn’t exactly the out-of-the-box idea we just promised, it is just so perfect and always appropriate, we thought we’d kick off the list with it! Oftentimes, people think they need to start this on a girl’s first birthday. Though that makes for a cute family photo-opp, this birthday tradition can be started at any time.

Wedded bliss.  Getting married starts a brand new chapter in a woman’s life.  Though a lot of Add-A-Pearl stories go from baby to bride, starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace on one’s wedding can be a great way to remember the day.  Each anniversary, adding a pearl and watching the strand grow throughout the marriage is a fantastic symbol of the years of love shared by the couple.  Plus, it makes anniversary gifts easy for the husband each year – he’ll already know she’ll absolutely love that new pearl!

Girl on her Confirmation Day

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Just to say congrats! There are so many times throughout a girl’s life that beg to be remembered.  Marking milestones with pearls is a fantastic way to connect memories and accomplishments with a lovely piece of jewelry she can cherish for a lifetime.  From those magical firsts (her first steps or her first day of school) to rites of passage (like a Bat Mitzvah, a First Holy Communion, or school graduations), pearls can be the perfect acknowledgement of a lifetime of accomplishments.

The perfect non-chocolate gift!  Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts or Easter candy bunnies? You can send or show your love each Valentine’s Day with the addition of a pearl for her necklace or when you and the Easter Bunny head out to hide eggs this year, why not include one extra-special something in with all the sweets by sneaking a starter necklace into a brightly colored plastic egg and see her smile when she discovers what it is!

Baby on Easter with Easter ears

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Or just because. But, like we said, think outside that box!  There’s really no right or wrong time to give a girl a pearl.  It’s a great gift for any occasion and a thoughtful way show someone special you were thinking of them as well as looking forward to the memories you’ll continue to make.  A versatile yet classic and beautiful piece, we love that our Add-A-Pearl necklaces can fit the bill and represent practically all the moments in a girl’s life.  Remember, it’s about memories and traditions, and there’s no bad time to share those.

 Each Add-A-Pearl gift is unique and the story that goes along with your necklace will be uniquely yours as well.  We love all the stories that get sent to us and trust us, there are never two that are exactly the same.  And that’s just how it should be.  Hopefully some of the out-of-the-box tips above help spark some ideas, and we’d love to hear more from you and the traditions you’ve made (or are just starting to build!) around Add-A-Pearl!

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