A Sentimental Gift of Pearls

Gifting pearls each year is a way to commemorate a special relaltionship.

Congratulations to Megan Black from Clinton, KY as the winner of our Share Your Story Contest. Her story epitomizes how the time-honored tradition of Add-A-Pearl becomes a meaningful gift and can enrich lifelong memories. Here is her story:

When my best friend first became a mother, I became an aunt. Not by blood, but through our friendship. When I was young, I remember my aunt giving me a figurine every year with the age I was turning. I loved getting it and knew she’d always get me one! I wanted to do something like that for my niece too. So I bought the start of a pearl necklace for my first nieces first birthday and every birthday since. Then her sister came along and I started one for her. They were able to wear them to my wedding as my flower girls. Last year, my sister in law had a baby girl and I knew it was a tradition I would continue on with her! Finally, my best friend had her third little girl this past February. She will be getting one as well. By the time they are 18, they will have a beautiful pearl necklace to wear to their graduations, weddings, and any other special event they will have.They are all so important to me and I always want them to know that and know they’re so so loved.


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