Valentine's Card Tutorial

Easy Valentine Card Tutorial

This card is a great craft to do with kids when everyone’s cooped up during the cold winter months. All you really need are two colors of construction paper and a glue stick, but there’s plenty of room to get creative with stickers, rubber stamps, glitter, etc.

Inspired by Oh Joy, the original article includes a great suggestion for a way to create cards for charity.

 Step One – make your template


Fold a piece of plain white paper in half, and trace anything heart shaped on top of it. The best heart I could find was a little too small, so you can see where I made adjustments. Then, trace a smaller heart shape into the center.

Step Two: Next, cut out your larger heart completely. Cut out the mini heart around the top and the bottom, but leave the sides attached as shown.


Step three: Cut out two large heart shapes.

For the outside of the card, trace the mini heart shape onto the “wrong” or back side of the paper, but DO NOT CUT it.

For the inside of the card, trace the mini heart and cut it the same way as the template.




Step four: cut a piece of paper larger than the mini heart and glue it to the “wrong” side of the outer card, so that the tracing of the mini heart is completely covered. Pictured is the back side of the pink foil paper, with a square of pink foil glued on top.


Step 5: cut out a small heart in a different color from the inside of the card. In this case, I used the same pink foil. However, it can be a whole new color, covered in glitter, whatever your heart desires. Affix this small heart to the cut-out on the inside card.


Step Six: Apply glue to the outer heart ring of the inside paper. Do not put any glue on the small heart shape! Press the two sides of the card together. But keeping the inner heart free of glue, you allow it to pop out and create a 3-d effect.


Tada! You’ve finished! Once you get the hang of it, these come together fast. What I love about this project is its simplicity, while still giving a lot of options to get creative! Mix and match different colors and textures to create a unique card every time!




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