The holiday season gives people an excuse to do that little extra.

People go all out spoiling loved ones with gifts, giving back to the community or decorating their houses — or all of the above!

To make your house stand out from the rest, adding subtle touches here and there goes a long way. One such subtle touch that can fit into most every holiday idea is: pearls.

Here are a few easy ideas using imitation, simulated or plastic pearls to take your holiday decorating to the next level. 

1. Create Your Own Ornament Using Pearls

There are so many different types of ornaments and decorations people try to use when decorating their trees. Many people now theme their trees.

If you are looking to add a bit of class or something unique to your tree this year you can use pearls to decorate ornaments. Here’s how:

• Option A: Simply glue pearls—plastic, of course, to the outside of an ornament. You can cover the entire outside or form letters to spell names or create a fun design. Try doing this as a fun activity with kids for some fun family bonding.

• Option B: Find a clear or see-through ornament and fill it halfway with pearls. This way, you can see the tree through the ornament. Pro tip: placing the ornament right in front of a bulb will light the ornament and draw guests’ attentions to your DIY masterpiece. 

2. Add Bling To Your Wreath

Door wreaths are a staple of holiday decor. To spice up an ordinary wreath, add some pearls to the mix. Simply glue some onto the wreath’s ribbon or create a wreath made entirely of pearls. 

3. Pearls To Accent a Candle Setup

Candles of all shapes and sizes are used around the holidays. They are used to warm a home during the colder months, as decoration throughout the home and as centerpieces at the dinner table. 

If you are using candles as centerpieces, consider using a small candle or tea lights and a larger vase. Fill the vase with small, holiday-colored pearls, and place the candle on top. As an added bonus, try using a tall larger jar or vase and fill it with water so the candle floats and the pearls sink to the bottom. 

4. Forget the Garland

All classic Christmas trees are finished with a wrap of garland. Change up the tradition this year, and grab a long strand of pearls and encircle your tree with it. Wrapping the pearls around the tree creates a timeless, elegant and unique look to finish off your holiday decorations.

No matter how you incorporate pearls into your decorations this year, guests will be sure to notice the added touch.  



Alyssa Groh, 22CM Boost