3 Creative Ideas for Wrapping and Presenting Your Pearl Jewelry Gift

Don't settle for boring wrapping paper for your pearl jewelry gift

Have you ever received a gift that was so beautifully wrapped you didn’t even want to open it? You likely paused for a moment to admire the stunning packaging before carefully removing it to reveal the gift inside. If so, then you know first-hand that gift wrapping and packaging can add anticipation and an extra-special touch to a memorable and thoughtful gift, especially when you’re gifting pearls.

No matter how you package them, pearls are already a meaningful gift for your daughter or other special girl or woman in your life, but they become even more special when you present them in a unique and thoughtful way. We’d like to share some of our favorite ways to wrap and present your pearl jewelry gift, so your gift recipient gets as much joy and pleasure as possible from receiving her new pearls.

Replace the Wrapping Paper

When gifting jewelry, most people wrap the jewelry box in standard wrapping paper, the kind you find at a card store or craft supplier. While wrapping paper can certainly be beautiful, it’s often not very personal. Instead, try something a little more creative and unexpected, like a map of her favorite place or a place that holds a lot of sentimental value, pages from her favorite book or magazine, a vintage napkin or fabric remnant, or even drawing paper covered with original drawings or sketches. Don’t be surprised if she wants to save the wrapping, which will always remind her of the day she received her sentimental jewelry gift.

Make a Special Delivery

If you’re gifting your custom pearl necklace gift for a special occasion, then she may already be expecting a gift from you. Instead, keep her on her toes and don’t be the person who delivers the gift. Arrange a “delivery” from a responsible child in your family, a trusted coworker, or even an obedient pet wearing the jewelry box dangling from its collar. Not only will she be surprised to receive her pearls in this unique way, but she’ll also be so pleased to share her happiness and joy with whoever else is involved in the special gift delivery.

Put a Gift Within a Gift

What’s better than one gift? Two gifts! In addition to getting your loved one a piece of pearl jewelry, you can also get her something larger that can also double as a gift box itself, like a container of chocolate or candy, a designer handbag, or a fuzzy stuffed animal. When she opens her first gift, she’ll be delighted by what she finds. She’ll never expect to find a pearl jewelry gift inside the handbag, packed among the chocolate pieces, or on the stuffed animal’s neck. You’ll love seeing her smile stretch across her face!

Now that we’ve shared some wrapping and presentation ideas for our pearl jewelry, how do you feel about trying one of them, and which one sounds the most appealing to you? We’d love to see photos of how you have creatively wrapped jewelry gifts in the past.


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