The Meaning of Circles and the Role They Play in Jewelry

From the beginning of the history of jewelry design, circles have played an important role.
Throughout history, the circle has remained a symbolic shape that transcends geography, language, culture, and time. Many people believe that the circle represents concepts like eternity, femininity, wholeness, and the cycle of life. In addition, the sun and the moon, which have captured the devoted attention of scientists, astronauts, poets, astrologers, and many others, are both circles.

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The Complete Guide on How To Clean and Care for Pearls

pearls will retain their beauty and luster with proper care
Diamonds might be forever but pearls can last a lifetime with proper care. Our complete guide will describe helpful tips and techniques that will help keep your pearls in pristine condition. With a little care and knowledge, maintaining your pearls will ensure your pearls look their best for years to come. Our guidelines reveal the best methods to store, handle and clean your pearls in order for their beauty to shine forever. Find out how to care for your pearls and properly handle pearl jewelry for a luster to shine bright throughout the years.

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Danielle Hamby Dreamed and Prayed for her Southern Little Girl

Baby Landyn celebrates small moments of joy

This beautiful story of dreams, faith and courage was sent to us by Danielle Hamby of Phil Campbell, Al.She shared her story full of strength and struggle with us here:

"All my life I dreamed and prayed for a perfectly southern little girl. She would be strong, kind and a good friend. I knew I would dress her in beautiful smocks, bows, knee-high socks and pearls. I’ve always loved how classic and timeless pearls are and cherish the pearls my great-grandmother gave me. Of course, God gave me two boys first, Wilson and Lawson.

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Pearl Diving Is the Travel Experience of a Lifetime

Get a meaningful jewelry gift while you travel the world
Giving pearls as a meaningful jewelry gift will definitely make a lasting impression on the person who receives them. Now imagine taking that gift to the next level by treating your loved one to a pearl-diving travel experience, where she can not only see how pearls are formed but also find and choose a cultured pearl to take home with her and have set in a piece of jewelry like a cultured pearl necklace, which she'll treasure forever.

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Pearl Jewelry Is an Ideal Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's Eve Accessory

Pearl Jewelry is the ideal accessory for holiday dressing
Now that the holidays are in full swing, you may be eyeing the most festive and dressy items of clothing in your closet - luxurious cashmere sweaters, sequined dresses, high-heeled boots, and velvet accents. At this time of year, most people like to seize the opportunity to put a little extra effort into their wardrobe. They also love dressing their young daughters in cute dresses with bows and young sons in adorable holiday sweaters.

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