Top 5 Reasons for Giving Add-A-Pearl

The best reasons to give pearls as a gift
We love hearing from our customers about all the reasons they have for giving an Add-A-Pearl cultured pearl necklace to their loved ones. Their motivations are just as diverse and varied as the little girls who happily receive necklaces and continue to enjoy them as they grow into young women. In this blog post, we reveal our top five favorite reasons for giving Add-A-Pearl, so you can feel inspired to share the Add-A-Pearl tradition with a loved one and maybe even create a gift-giving reason that's unique to you and her.

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Wedding Jewelry Around the Globe

A woman wearing traditional Chinese wedding jewelry, including a headdress.
A celebration of love and commitment, marriage is honored all over the world by many different cultures. When it comes to weddings, jewelry plays a very significant role in the traditions and customs surrounding this special ceremony, with a wedding ring acting as a universal symbol of love and unity.

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Alivia's Gotcha Day

a beautiful couple holding their young flower girl

“We had tried for years to have a baby with no luck. Fertility treatments, multiple doctors, miscarriages, etc...nothing worked! We were giving my body a break and a friend of mine knew a girl who wanted to give her baby up for adoption. 

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Celebrating a 30th Anniversary With Pearls

Couple celebrating their anniversary by embracing.
As a company that believes in honoring life's most cherished moments, we think every anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. But wedding anniversaries are particularly impressive, especially when a couple dedicates themselves to one another - in sickness and in health - for several decades. Reaching the 30th year of marriage, for example, is a significant achievement.

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The History of Jewelry Boxes

Valuable Jewelry box with inlayed and carved relief of fruit motif
As lovers of jewelry, especially pearl jewelry, we take pride in caring for our favorite pieces, so they can last a lifetime and even be enjoyed by future generations. Having a safe place to store jewelry is essential for maintaining its original condition. For many people, jewelry storage methods are based on personal preference, but jewelry boxes have an undeniable charm, making them one of the most common ways to store treasured items.

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Exploring the Origins of Gift Giving

Gold gift box with gold ribbon
Do you love giving gifts as much as you love receiving them? You’re not alone - we also love the pleasant feeling we get from this exchange. Gift giving is a two-way street that creates a bond between the giver and receiver. It produces a euphoric feeling of pleasure and joy, which makes gift giving - and receiving - so addicting! We've seen firsthand how giving an Add-A-Pearl cultured pearl necklace can positively impact someone's life.

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Chris' Add-A-Pearl Story

two sisters will have a special bond with each other and their dad

I wanted to have something I could give to my daughter Madeleine on her birthday that would show her (obviously not then but when she got older) how much I valued our relationship and appreciated it. I wanted something that would be recurring throughout our life that would be "our thing".


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Pearl Is One of Three Amazing June Birthstones

Give a pearl birthstone gift to June babies with an Add-A-Pearl gift.
The balmy and bright summer month of June is one of only two months (December is the other) with three birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. People with June birthdays can choose from multiple gems to celebrate their special day. At Add-A-Pearl, we're obviously partial to pearls, but we also enjoy learning about other birthstone alternatives and the origins behind their birthstone traditions.

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The World's Most Infamous Jewel Heists

The famed Al Thani jewels collection on exhibit at Grand Palais, Paris
The cinema box office has shown us that the spectacle of elaborate jewelry heists will always draw in excited audiences. Entire film subgenres and lucrative franchises have been dedicated to this type of crime-filled fantasy. Ocean’s Eight is a popular movie that falls under this category, with the thieves targeting a necklace worth more than $150 million. Lupin, a popular Netflix series set in Paris, is another example of a heist-related film that involves a jewelry heist at an auction in the Louvre.

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