To Isabella and Delilah, for your 1st birthday. From one grain of sand come layers of beauty and wonder. Hoping you cherish this gift of Add-A-Pearl forever!

Ashley K.

My daughter’s first birthday is next Wednesday, and my husband and I have been looking for that special gift and we’ve found it in Add-A-Pearl! We have decided that we will purchase a pearl or two each year for her birthday up to her 16th. The necklace is not only a sentimental gift but also a wonderful keepsake.

Melissa D.

My grandmother had an add-a-pearl necklace which she divided into 2 necklaces for my 2 daughters. She gave one the original chain after she added pearls and the other she purchased a new chain and used the original pearls. What an amazing keepsake! Thanks for all your help. Your company was great.

Tana P.

When my daughter was born, we started her and my mom with Add-A-Pearl necklaces and we love the thought of watching the necklaces grow each year as we add pearls.

Paulette G.

I’m so glad to have found your company since I became a godmother recently and have been looking for the perfect gift for my goddaughter.

Suzanne H.

I have had an Add-A-Pearl necklace since I was a baby, unfortunately it was lost and it is not something that can be replaced easily! I am slowly trying to recreate and love being able to buy directly from your site!

Sharon M.

We just purchased an Add-A-Pearl starter necklace for our daughter who is turning one next week! I had one purchased for me for my sweet sixteen, but never added to… we hope to fill hers so she can wear it as a bride one day!

Judy B.

My aunt started a necklace for me in 1952 and it remains in the original box with the brochure and her notes. I now have a goddaughter who will be receiving her First Communion in May and want to add either a central pearl or cross and pass it on to her to continue my aunt’s loving tradition.

Michaela J.

1st Birthday!! I’m really looking forward to building my daughter’s necklace with your company.

Dawana H.

My niece and I have the same birthday and this is something special I started for her on her 1st birthday. I get an inch of pearls for her every year.

Sarah S.
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Plan 1 - Petite Arabesque

  • Additions:
  • 1stStarter necklace
  • 2nd two 2.6mm
    two 2.5mm
  • 3rd one 3.1mm$130
  • 4th eight 2.3mm$329
  • 5th two 2.7mm$168
  • 6th one 3.1mm
    four 2.1mm
  • 7th one 3.2mm
    four 1.9mm
  • 8th two 2.9mm$197
  • 9th four 2.3mm
    four 2.1mm
  • 10th four 2.5mm
    four 2.0mm
  • 11th two 2.5mm
    four 2.1mm
    four 1.9mm
  • 12th four 2.1mm
    eight 2.0mm
  • 13th eight 2.0mm
    eight 1.9mm
  • 14th eight 2.0mm
    eight 1.9mm
  • 15th four 2.0mm
    1two 1.9mm
  • 16th twenty 1.9mm$392
  • 17th one 3.2mm$156
  • 18th one 3.3mm$189
  • 19th eight 2.0mm
    eight 1.9m
  • 20th sixteen 1.9mm$313

Pearl Count

  • 13.3mm
  • 23.2mm
  • 23.1mm
  • 22.9mm
  • 22.7mm
  • 22.6mm
  • 82.5mm
  • 122.3mm
  • 162.1mm
  • 402.0mm
  • 801.9mm

Total pearls: 167
Largest: 3.3mm
Smallest: 1.9mm

Average Yearly Expense: $240

Approximate complete value: $4,775

Plan 2 - Arabesque

  • Additions:
  • 1stStarter necklace
  • 2nd one 3.2mm
    four 2.3mm
  • 3rd four 2.6mm
    four 2.5mm
  • 4th one 3.2mm
    four 2.6mm
  • 5th one 3.8mm$415
  • 6th two 3.1mm
    four 2.3mm
  • 7th two 2.7mm
    four 2.3mm
    four 2.1mm
  • 8th two 2.9mm
    four 2.1mm
    four 2.0mm
  • 9th two 3.2mm$312
  • 10th two 3.1mm
    four 2.0mm
  • 11th two 2.9mm
    four 2.3mm
    four 2.0mm
  • 12th two 3.5mm$450
  • 13th two 2.7mm
    four 2.5mm
  • 14th sixteen 2.1mm
    four 2.0mm
  • 15th four 2.1mm
    sixteen 2.0mm
  • 16th four 2.1mm
    sixteen 2.0mm
  • 17th one 3.8mm$415
  • 18th one 4.2mm$562
  • 19th one 4.2mm$562
  • 20th eight 2.1mm
    twelve 2.0mm

Pearl Count

  • 14.2mm
  • 23.8mm
  • 23.5mm
  • 43.2mm
  • 43.1mm
  • 42.9mm
  • 42.7mm
  • 82.6mm
  • 82.5mm
  • 162.3mm
  • 402.1mm
  • 602.0mm

Total pearls: 153
Largest: 4.2mm
Smallest: 2.0mm

Average Yearly Expense: $370

Approximate complete value: $7,400

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